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All my offerings – both workshops on nature connection and nature mandala as well as free Guided meditations (Soundcloud, InsightTimer)  – are also available in English. Read more below (workshops) or click on the service to learn more!

  • In nature connection workshops we explore and enjoy our unique connection with nature, the inner as well as the outer, through meditative exercises and interaction with our surroundings and each other.
  • In nature mandala workshops we become familiar with the mandala as a symbol of life, nature and creation, and build our own mandalas from natural materials we  forage in the area. Mandala building is a great way to ground into our bodies and the Earth, to enjoy and boost connected creativity.  The process of mandala building connects the left and the right brain, enhancing our intuitive abilities and creating space for fresh insights. As playfulness mixes with reverence, we renew ourselves through the joy of creation.

Both workshops, individually designed for each occasion and group, are deeply relaxing and regenerative by deepening and strengthening our capacity to be present in ourselves, our relationships and the world around us.  A relaxed, connected state of being makes everyday life and relationships more creative, peaceful, rooted, and stress-free.

For more information contact me at . What could I offer to your group?

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