Living Individual Myth -session

Welcome, welcome!

Come enter the forest!

…You will find a shimmering pond…

Lean in

and see your reflection on its surface

inviting you to dive in

to the depth of your own mystery…

Living Individual Myth -session is a co-creative collaboration between you and me to initiate, integrate and support new layers of creativity within your being, and to assist you in embodying them with greater ease. In a space of shared, sensory listening, I will observe the creative intelligence within your body and allow it to guide me in supporting a shift that is ripe to emerge. By voicing the process as a mythical story as it happens, the shift is grounded in form, while the myth also offers you insight beyond analysis on what takes place within and provides you with a reference point to go on exploring the energy further by yourself.

As we approach this process from a space of open curiosity – without expectation or ground story attachments – we already create a shift in our being. Instead of focusing on changing, improving or healing separate parts of ourselves or our life situations based on what we believe, we allow the creative intelligence of our being to take the lead and truly make space for a new perspective to emerge. Thus the process itself embodies and resonates with the very essence of its purpose – supporting connected intelligence and creative wholeness. When we don’t insist on knowing what needs to change or happen, intentional force is replaced with creative power, and we become an adventure to ourselves. With reverent playfulness we allow life to show us how magical we can be.

The session happens online via Zoom, and it is available in English and in Finnish. The duration of the session is approx. 1 h. To book your session, contact me at

Living Individual Myth – The Door, The Key and The Step Through

What is opening for You?